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Recently, an out of state company has been misrepresenting themselves as being affiliated with Service Station Vending Equipment, inc. This company has NOTHING to do with SSVE,inc.

Did You Know...

  • You could be required to install their machines in ALL your stations whether you want to or not!
  • Your commission could be reduced every year!
  • You could be required to pay installation costs!
  • You could be charged for fuel increases and natural disaster damage which could be deducted from your commission!
  • You could be required to assign your contract to the next owner of your business!
  • If you cancel before the end of the contract you could be required to pay the monthly revenue until the expiration date of that contract!
  • You could experience a $150 equipment removal penalty !
  • You could have your machines arbitrarily removed if they are deemed unprofitable!
  • You could be liable for all legal costs by an injured customer!
  • After the limited three months coverage allowed by the out-of-state company!
  • You could have customer refunds, test fees, third party fees, repairs and other miscellaneous fees deducted from your monthly commission!
  • Your contract is governed by the laws of another state and not by the ones in which your business resides!

    SSVE, inc. urges you to have an attorney or your local gasoline association review the entire contract from this out-of-state company before you sign.

If approached by this company, please call SSVE, inc. immediately at 1-800 247 8721 for additional information.


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